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Customer Privacy Protection Policy

Anyatip Co., Ltd. ("Company," "we," or "our") recognizes the importance of protecting your personal data as users of our products and services. We understand your concerns and prioritize how your data is collected, used, disclosed, and transferred, including to other countries. Within our data ecosystem, we and the companies in our data ecosystem will utilize the data you provide to us to create and provide products and services tailored to your needs and requirements. We value your trust, and we will manage your personal data with care and reasonable caution, aiming to provide you with the best customer experience and service possible.

This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") applies to retail stores, websites, mobile applications, customer service call centers, online social media channels, online communication channels, and other locations where your personal data has been collected. Please read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with the specific terms and conditions of the services you use (which may be separately stipulated depending on the type of personal data we collect from you). To align with the objectives of this Privacy Policy, "Personal Data" refers to any information related to an individual that allows the identification of that person.

The Company reserves the right to periodically amend this Privacy Policy. Therefore, please review it regularly to ascertain the most recent changes. Any changes will take effect as soon as we publish the amended Privacy Policy on our website or application. We will notify you of any significant amendments or updates. In cases where changes affect your rights regarding sensitive data as outlined in this Privacy Policy, the Company will seek your consent unless otherwise required by law.

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