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Return Policy

The company does not accept returns or exchanges in all cases, except for errors arising from transportation and defects from manufacturing. The company is willing to accommodate exchanges or returns of products within 7 days of receiving the products, subject to various conditions as outlined below.

Exchanges or Return of Products Service

Products that the company accepts for exchange or return without any charges (please review the notes on the product condition ready for resale*):

  1. The company delivers products that deviate from the details confirmed in the latest purchase.

  2. Products have issues, are damaged, or non-functional due to manufacturing defects or transportation, such as damaged packaging or faulty sample pump heads that prevent product use.

Note: Product condition ready for resale*

  • The exchanged or returned products must be in a ready-for-resale condition, meaning they are unchanged and undamaged in all cases, in the same condition as when the company delivered them to the buyer.

  • If any damage, defect, or inability to use the product is noticed upon receiving the product, please notify the company immediately. The company will inspect the issue before sending a replacement to the customer.

Refund Conditions

  1. In the case of credit card payment: 1.1 If an order is canceled, the company will cancel the order and return the payment amount to the customer's card within 3 business days after receiving the cancellation request. The refund will be processed to the customer's credit card account within 14 days (depending on the customer's credit card billing cycle) after the customer receives and verifies the evidence. 1.2 If the return of products is requested after receiving them, the company will cancel the payment authorization within 3 business days from the date of confirming and verifying the returned products.

  2. In the case of payment through bank transfer or other methods: The company will refund the money by transferring it back to the customer's savings account. The company will process the refund within 2 business days after verifying and confirming the returned products.

The following evidence is required for refund:

  1. Copy of ID card with certified signature

  2. Copy of the first page of the bank account statement indicating the account name and account number with certified signature

  3. Copy or photo of the slip/evidence of fund transfer with certified signature

After the process is complete, the company will transfer the refund to the customer's specified account within 7 days, and the customer will receive the refund within 14 days (depending on the customer's bank).

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